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Michael Mansour
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I'm happily married and have been blessed with two wonderful kids.

I first started building and working with "social network" systems and Content Management Systems (CMS) even when Facebook was at its infancy ie. when it was only for college networks. My career and desire took me further to various technical technology and web solutions which I continue to this day.

Although knowing Jesus most of my life, I was actually saved October 2013 when going to the church my wife had been going to and giving my life to Jesus.

Since then, Jesus has changed my life for the better in more ways than I can describe. As with most Christians that give their lives to Christ, He changes everything for His will in your life. For me, He first changed me from the inside out, and then changed circumstances around me.

The goal of my life, as with many Christian lives, is to to continue to serve and worship our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ, in the best way possible and in the way our gifts and skills allow.
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Thanks for such a great upload. I intend to go through it more thoroughly but by skimming it now it does make clear some core Christian beliefs.

To think it was formalised or ratified in 1647. We've really had some learned men of faith take the (tremendous) amount of time to go through this and clearly identify it.
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My Church
Our prayer is that you will be blessed and strengthened by the power of Jesus, and that you will live a life of abundance in fellowship, joy and liberty. A multicultural family church is here for you.…
Religion: Pentecostal
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Fairfield, Australia
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My Prayer Requests
This is a prayer request to ask others to start and join a prayer chain to carry us through the times ahead, where we need a word from the Lord on how to proceed for the 2016 year.
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Create Surveys that other TLG members can take. Surveys are great tools to collect data and gather responses from mass people in a quick, easy, automated and affordable manner. A survey can be create…
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A real masterpiece for Video-sharing. Adds the latest available tools with user friendliness. With this feature we'll have everything for videos: upload, store, edit, view and download. Main features:…
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This feature will add PayPal Online Donations with recurring and one-time donation options. Recurring donations will allow us to enable and manage recurring PayPal donations for people that would lik…
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The Family feature is another way of establishing relationships on a site. This compliments the existing friends feature. This feature will allow members to flag other site members as family. There …
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