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Full Name
Michael Mansour
About me
I'm happily married and have been blessed with two wonderful kids.

I first started building and working with "social network" systems and Content Management Systems (CMS) even when Facebook was at its infancy ie. when it was only for college networks. My career and desire took me further to various technical technology and web solutions which I continue to this day.

Although knowing Jesus most of my life, I was actually saved October 2013 when going to the church my wife had been going to and giving my life to Jesus.

Since then, Jesus has changed my life for the better in more ways than I can describe. As with most Christians that give their lives to Christ, He changes everything for His will in your life. For me, He first changed me from the inside out, and then changed circumstances around me.

The goal of my life, as with many Christian lives, is to to continue to serve and worship our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ, in the best way possible and in the way our gifts and skills allow.
Additional information
Founder TheLivingGod.Online, Co-Founder of MailShark Corporation, Director of OSTech Pty Ltd
Studied Electrical Engineering at University, gained various Compter skills over 24 years
Relationship Status
I love to learn and further my knowledge in many scientific and technical fields. I read and study anything I find of real interest including medicine and the medical fields all the way to natural wonders of the world. God created it all and allows us to marvel at His artistry.

Other hobbies include:

* working in IT (yes, if it wasn't a hobby I wouldn't enjoy it)
* helping people grow in skills, especially those less fortunate
* spending time with God's word, the Holy Spirit and His wisdom
I have a wide variety of interests but the main ones are:

* Watch various documentaries especially relating to Nature, Oceans, Sea life and mostly narrated by David Attenborough
* Movies of various Genre including Action, Drama, Christian
* Web development and Web technologies
* Linux - an Operating System which runs most of the Web and worlds servers
* Sometimes watching some sports including cricket, soccer, rugby league
* Spending time in the Word and time with God
Favorite Sites
As Co-Founder of MailShark Corporation, I was instrumental in the design and development of the MailShark website, so it remains one of my favourite websites:

I find myself spending a lot of time on TheLivingGod.OnLine website, learning from the various things gained from various Web projects I've designed and implemented over the years.
Favorite Music
I listen to mostly Christian music from:

Casting Crowns
Third Day
Mercy Me
Chris Tomlin
Favorite Films
My favourite movies are quite varied, but I grew up on "Highlander" and various Sylvestor Stallone movies including:

Rocky II, III, IV

Jet Li movies including:

The Expendables 1,2,3
The Forbidden Kingdom
The One
Fist of Legend

These days I prefer to watch Christian movies with some of my favourites being:

Left Behind I, II, III
The Encounter
Favorite Books
Without saying, the Holy Bible is my favourite of all books, I listen to God an study, not just read.

Out of the various books I've read over the years, my most favourite books are comedic, the ones that make me laugh. Without a doubt, the funniest books I've ever read are:

Wilt on High

The author is: Tom Sharpe
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